After many years, the original Sea-Monkeys are back. To bring them to life, all you need is water! Add the Sea-Monkeys eggs and you are ready for instant life! Feed them and watch them grow!

  • Ocean Zoo

    Ocean Zoo

    The classic Ocean Zoo aquarium is the ideal tank to watch your Sea-Monkeys hatch and grow!

  • Volcano-Zoo.png

    Volcano Zoo

    This awesome Volcano Zoo tank will keep your Sea-Monkeys' eggs errupting until you've grown your own colony!



    Glow in the dark tank! Can Sea-Monkeys get any cooler? Watch your Sea-Monkeys day AND night as they grow and grow! Keep a close eye on your Sea Monkeys through the cool magnifying portal!


    On Mars

    Sea-Monkeys in Space? That's right, with this mighty martian landscape tank you can watch your Sea-Monkeys explore Mars' rocky terrain!


    Magic Castle

    Watch your Sea-Monkeys swim around their own magic pink castle! Keep a close eye on your Sea-Monkeys through the cool magnifying portal!

  • Mystery Eggs

    Mystery Eggs

    The Mystery Eggs refill allows you to choose where your Sea-Monkeys will hatch and grow! Get creative with building or finding an awesome aquarium for Sea-Monkeys generations to come!

Ocean Zoo

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Did you know Sea-Monkeys can grow up to 2cm ?!

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What are Sea-Monkeys? They are a type of brine shrimp that were invented in the 1950s!

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Add the Sea-Monkeys to water and watch closely as they hatch and grow!

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Sea-Monkeys make a great starter kit before getting your child's first pet!

It's as easy as 1,2 and 3!



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