Code of Conduct

1. Introduction

Integrity and a high standard of ethics are fundamental to all BANDAI NAMCO Group companies worldwide and all employees of Bandai UK Ltd (BUK) must remain committed to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, as well as complying with all the relevant laws and regulations governing BUK's business operations.

These principles must be followed by BUK's employees in all their dealings with BUK's customers, distributors, agents, suppliers, employees and all other third parties with whom they work or whom they encounter while representing BUK.

2. Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct set out below defines the values and behavioural expectations for each BUK employee and compliance with the code is regarded as a condition of employment. Each BUK employee is required to:

  1. Engage in appropriate business conduct by being honest, fair and trustworthy
  2. Ensure that his or her behaviour complies both with the relevant laws and regulations governing the company's business conduct and with BUK's internal policies and procedures
  3. not to offer, give, demand or receive any bribe whether in the form of cash or any other inducement, in line with BUK's Anti-Bribery Policy
  4. Avoid all situations where his or her personal interests could conflict or reasonably appear to conflict with the company's interests and not to accept gifts, invitations or hospitality which are disproportionate and could contradict this principle
  5. Use and protect the company's resources and its confidential information in the best interests of BUK and to avoid their misuse
  6. Keep accurate, complete and true company records
  7. Maintain and encourage BUK's business partners and suppliers to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct
  8. Report incidents, risks and issues which deviate from this Code of Conduct or from BUK’s Anti-Bribery Policy, in accordance with the company's "Whistle Blowing" procedures as set out in the BUK Employee Handbook.

3. Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of:

  1. The board of directors to approve and adopt this Code of Conduct.
  2. Every employee to prevent bribery and corruption in BUK and to comply with this Code of Conduct.
  3. Management to communicate this Code of Conduct and related Anti-Bribery Policy to all employees and other external parties (see 4 below).
  4. Management to identify those situations where further assurance is needed from external third parties working on BUK’s behalf that they understand and comply with the provisions of the company's Code of Conduct and related Anti-Bribery Policy.

4. Communication

In order for this Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery Policy to be communicated effectively to everyone involved in BUK's business and to ensure compliance, they will be:

  1. Included in the BUK Employee Handbook which is made available to each employee.
  2. published on the BUK website which can be accessed by all interested external parties.