Build, pose and display

Sprükits lets you build your favourite characters, and strike the perfect pose. With up to 160 pieces of easy snap together action, what makes a hero? You do. See more

Heroes aren't born, they're made

Easy snap together action!

Sprükits was developed by Bandai’s skilled artisans and inspired by over 30 years of Gunpla / Gundam history in Japan. Built in the same legendary factory, these figural model kits create incredibly detailed and highly articulated action figures of your favourite heroes to build, pose and display.

Avaible in three levels of complexitiy Sprükits allow collectors, model builders and junior engineers alike to build highly detailed figures of their favourite  with higher points of articualtion and detail as level and challenge increases.

The essence of the Sprükits experience is the power it puts in your hands. With Sprükits, you go beyond simply playing, or even building, to becoming a true creator of heroes. You take satisfaction in understanding what your heroes are made of and pride in crafting them from the ground up.

Requiring no cutting, painting or glue Sprükits lets you collect your favourite characters and build them from the ground up. What makes a hero? You do.

Sprukits Character Content And Spru

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